All Under One Roof

Unlike any of our competitors, Forwessun’s strength lies in the fact that we provide a total test solution; we cover all aspects of Automated Test Equipment support.

As well as manufacturing both In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Functional fixtures, writing test software and performing on-site installations, Forwessun also provides a comprehensive range of ICT machine services. We refurbish ICT machines to a ‘like new’ state, diagnose and repair faulty machine cards and equipment, and also perform calibrations and servicing on ICT machines.

Having both software development and test fixture manufacturing under one roof enables Forwessun to provide customers fast delivery; fixture materials can be prepared and the fixture designed in parallel with the software design. Close communication between production and engineering teams allow for innovative fixture solutions to be implemented.

Having software teams and ICT machines in the same place as fixture production enables every test fixture manufactured by Forwessun to be quality checked on the target test system by an experienced programmer, ensuring that the customer receives fixtures that work out of the box.

Having one company responsible for both the test fixture and software order provides the customer with one point of contact and one company responsible for the quality and lifetime warranty of the complete solution. Everything is under the control of Forwessun allowing for quicker deliveries, efficient project management and status reporting.

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