How We Design

Forwessun can manufacture complex functional test fixtures as well as custom LabWindows, LabVIEW & JTAG functional software. Forwessun has a dedicated functional fixture design team and 50 years of fixture manufacture experience.

Functional fixture features:

  • High volume capacity manufacture
  • Vacuum and pneumatic actuation or mechanical
  • Low cost Go/No-go
  • Laptop / Netbook final assembly functional fixtures
  • Automotive unit test
  • RF functional test fixtures
  • HI-POT & HI–voltage fixtures
  • Multi-station jig fixtures
  • Through connector test
  • Automatic switch actuation
  • Mechanical fixture gates
  • Sacrificial PCA connector mounting for ease of maintenance and maximum up time

How Do We Design?


1. Concept

  • Customer requirement
  • Collecting of information
  • Design strategy
  • Brain Storm

2. Communication

  • Live conferences
  • Screen share presentations
  • Phone calls
  • Email

3. CAD Prototype

  • 2D & 3D Prototype
  • Working simulations
  • Building final product


Example Fixture #1 – Customer Testing Concept


Example Fixture #1 – Fixture base on PC Fixture features:

  • 2 x sliding plates
  • pneumatic locks
  • adjustable plates
  • digital camera
  • barcode scanner


Example Fixture #1 – Final Product



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