Information Required

Information Required from Customer

For Quotation / DFT

  • CAD information to include parts information (Bill of materials), connectivity (Net list) and component location (XY)
  • Circuit diagrams (Soft copy if possible in PDF or HPGL format)
  • Layout diagram, including offset information for panelised boards
  • Copy of specification / requirements of package
  • Details of the target tester configuration to include software options

For Test Fixture Design

In addition to the above

  • Bare board / 1:1 artwork to prove drill information, if unavailable a letter from customer confirming accuracy and status of the supplied Gerber information
  • BSDL files for boundary scan
  • Detail of programmable / custom devices, to include PALs etc.

For Test Fixture Build

  • Loaded PCBA to use as a space module to complete Top hat / Seal (This PCBA does not have to be working)

For Test Package Debug

  • Known good working boards (5 if possible) for debug and TestJet characterization
  • Program files for Flash, CPLD etc.

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