Our Team

Management Team

Anthony Thomas

Joint Managing Director

Aidan Thomas

Joint Managing Director

Richard Hunt

General Manager

Quinhuan Ouyang

Project Manager

Zhiyuan Xia

General Manager, Forwessun Shanghai

Territories: China, Malaysia

Email: Zhiyuan.Xia@forwessun.cn

Sales Team

John Kenny

Sales Director

Territories: UK, Ireland, USA, Canada

Email: John.kenny@forwessun.com

Cristian Pentea

Sales & Support Engineer

Territories: Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Spain

Email: Cristian.pentea@forwessun.com

Piotr Kaminski 

Sales & Support Engineer

Territories: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden

Email: Piotr.kaminski@forwessun.com

Felipe Flores

Sales & Support Engineer

Territories: Mexico [Guadalajara, Monterrey]

Email: Felipe.flores@forwessun.com

Jaime Lopez

Sales & Support Engineer

Territories: Mexico [Chihuahua]

Email: Jaime.lopez@forwessun.com

Lee Fielding

Asset Manager

Territories: Global

Email: Lee.fielding@forwessun.com

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