In-Circuit Test (ICT) Software


With over 20 ICT program engineers worldwide, Forwessun has test programming teams with unparalleled experience providing test software for the Agilent / Keysight 3070, GenRad / Teradyne TS12x / 228x and Teradyne 18xx ICT test platforms. Many of our programmers have over 25 years programming experience, delivering test packages on various platforms for many customers in different product areas. We will ensure your requirements are met, that the test coverage is as high as possible and that the software is stable and consistent. Many ICT solutions employ device programming and BIST / functional tests to ensure the maximum test coverage.


Functional Software


Experienced in Labview and PLC programming, Forwessun test programmers provide the highest quality functional test, from simple test bench solutions to fully automated inline functional solutions.


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