Quality System & Assigned Engineers

We build quality into each stage of manufacture and this starts with using the best materials. Drilling is performed on our Pluritec and Timax drill systems. The four head Pluritec system can handle multiple jobs simultaneously for heavy workloads. Probe & bearing positions are drilled on the Pluritec or Timax drill systems, with milling completed on one of 4 separate ROC routing stations.

Receptacles and probes are automatically inserted on one of our insertion systems. This is achieved by a pneumatically driven, hydraulically damped ‘touchless’ process which guarantees probe tip accuracy.

Wiring is done on one of our semi-automated wiring systems, each with real time verification for error free wiring. As the wires are added to the fixture a flying probe confirms that each wire has been connected to the correct position before allowing the wiring to continue.

When wiring is complete, the next stage of verification is performed on one of two flying probe wiring verification systems that confirm that there are no shorts or opens in the test fixture and that each probe connects to the correct interface position.

Once test fixture manufacture is completed and the fixture has been quality inspected, a test program engineer performance checks the fixture on the target test system. The engineer will run any available software against the target board. The engineer does not work for the production team and they take full responsibility for the overall quality of the fixture.

To ensure the quality of workmanship is to the highest standard each stage of manufacture is inspected and the completed test fixture will be QA checked; copies of inspection documentation would be supplied.

What this means for you is that we can supply you error free, high quality, high accuracy test fixtures, quickly and at the right price.

Efficient manufacture gives you, the customer, improved lead time and reduced costs.

We want you to be satisfied with the long-term performance of the test package and guarantee the program and fixture for the life of your product.

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