Test Fixtures

Forwessun provide in-circuit and functional test fixtures and have significant experience with the following fixture types:

    • Agilent 3070
    • Teradyne TS12x / 228x
    • Teradyne 18xx
    • Teradyne Spectrum
    • JOT Handler
    • Functional
    • Backplane
    • Top and bottom probing
    • High density, high node count fixtures
    • Wireless test fixtures
    • Fine pitch probing; X Probe, 0.039 and 0.025 pitch probing
    • Guided probe plates
    • Zero flex plates; Routed plates to suit UUT profiles for maximum support and minimal board flexing
    • Connector Insertion, both Pneumatic and Manual insertion into a variety of connectors
    • RJ45 insertion with back bracing and loopback
    • Dual Stage fixtures for in-circuit and functional test
    • Air cooling of test fixtures using fans or compressed air

We guarantee to hit within 9thou of the centre of each test pad.

Forwessun provides a G10 mask with every fixture which can be used to verify test fixture accuracy.


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